Common Mistakes In English

1.Absorbed ( =very much interested ) in ,not at .

Don't say :The man absorbed at his work.

Say:The man was absorbed in his work. 

2.Accuse of ,not for .

Don't say:she accused the man for stealing.

Say:She accused the man of stealing.

3.Accustomed to ,not with .

Don't say:I'm accustomed with hot weather.

Say:I'm accustomed to hot weather.

 4.Afraid of ,not from .

Don't say:Laura is afraid from the dog.

Say:Laura is afraid of the dog.

5.Aim at ,not on o against.

Don't say :She aimed on(or against) the target.

Say:She aimed at the target.

توجه :حرف اضافه ی  at را برای مشخص کردن جهت استفاده کنین  .

throw at,shout at,fire

at,shoot at.shoot(without the at)means to kill:he shot a bird(=he hit and illed it.)




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